Garden Management

Garden Management

All gardens need careful planning at the early stages, particularly when it comes to the planting.  And if they are to achieve and maintain their full potential through the years then they also need constant monitoring and professional upkeep.

garden managementPlants grow at vastly varying rates, and will need different degrees of aftercare and pruning. It is also sometimes necessary to remove and relocate some so as to benefit the future of others.

A beautiful new garden is a fantastic work of art and a showpiece, but without the proper aftercare it will very quickly deteriorate and could soon become a disastrous  waste of money.

Constructing new gardens is exciting and rewarding work, but seeing the long term effects of professional care and expertise is perhaps even more so.

This style of strategic planning and aftercare is something we love to do for both existing clients for whom we have built and planted gardens, but also for new customers looking for professional guidance and a friendly, reliable, regular service.

So if your garden has seen better days, or you are looking for ways to prevent the inevitable forces of nature taking their toll on your investment, why not give us a call and see what we can do to help.

 We are happy to tackle anything whether it's a full-on reclamation and recovery project, regular titivating and tidying or just some sound advice, we know we can help.