Traditional Paving Project

This project in Newport Shropshire was the fulfilment of a huge 15 year renovation project on an old manor house and its outbuildings.

Contemporary Styling

The brief here was to transform an otherwise dull and fairly standard, rural back garden, mainly lawned, to a crisp and sharp contemporary and visually striking external work of art.

Tiny Courtyard Garden

This tiny back yard once hosted a Koi pond and little else.

Country Living

This property sits in a stunning location overlooking south Shropshire and Montgomeryshire and was destined to become a beautiful holiday home.

Mediterranean Makeover

This customer hails from a much warmer climate and was desperate for colours and textural contrast to give a warm Mediterranean glow to this narrow Welsh border garden.

Spacious Town Garden

A newly built town garden that just offered a small seating area and little else. Quite long and thin with a dominant pine tree, this garden needed shape and strong curves to detract the eye from the long linear fences.

Urban Traditional Style

The Clients brief for this project was for us to introduce shape and interest into a very dull, flat, square space.  The customer preferred the look of softer materials and desperately needed a sunnier location to sit and view the garden than the shady patio at the rear of the house.

Pergola and Planting

Successful Project